Become part of our family and build the body you've always dreamed of having.  We've created  a fat shredding program that is easy enough for anybody to follow.  We believe in creating a healthy lifestyle, not just another diet... discover your capabilities and become a better you.  

The body achieves what the mind believes.




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Each workout will vary on strength, endurance, agility, core and much more. Our goal is to give our clients a well-balanced full body workout and to provide you with tools to transform your body and mind.

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Customized Meal Plans

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Client Transformations

Here at DNC we want to give you the tools and knowledge you need to crush your fitness goals.

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no excuses.

We provide our specifically designed Men's & Women's fat SHREDDER E-books to help you shred fat and build lean muscle. We also provide personal coaching for those who want to take their results to the next level... 



My brothers and I were raised in a home where health and wellness were always important. We were taught the values of how taking care of ourselves mentally, spiritually, and physically would bring us a joyous life. As we got older my brothers and I each practiced a healthy lifestyle in our own lives. We were able to apply fitness into our lives through different endeavors. From landing the cover of Muscle & Fitness HERS, to a basketball and track varsity player, to the disciplined and dedicated who didn’t stop until their goals were met. We quickly learned that being fit and healthy didn’t have to be something that was stressful, difficult and short term. No one should be restricted from the foods and experiences that bring them joy and it’s important that we understand our bodies and learn the power of consistency and discipline. We wanted to come together and take everything that we have learned through our own experiences, research and trial and error to help change the lives of others by creating a vigorous and joyous lifestyle. We have all tried the really strict diets and the ones that just seem impossible, but how about if I can tell you that DNC wants to bring you an experience like no other. A program that is tailored and created especially for you and only for you. We want our members to be excited and fulfilled when starting our programs and we want to build relationships with each of you by watching you become a part of our DNC family and discover all the capabilities that lie within you. There is nothing more rewarding than to bring happiness and good health into someone’s life. We want to educate our members on the importance and benefits of creating a nourishing lifestyle and to not be frightened by a challenge but to embrace it with confidence. Let us be your mentors and friend through this exciting and liberating journey. Let go of all the fears you may have when reading about our programs and make the leap of faith. We are confident that we can create a better you by providing our members with the necessary tools, knowledge and resources in creating your best self. 


The body achieves what the mind believes. 

A healthy life is a joyous life.

You are capable of your healthiest & happiest life.

Make it HAPPEN.


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